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Ellen Larsen

University of Toronto
25 Harbord St.
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G5

416 978 3505

Taxa Studied: Invertebrate Animals, Other, foliicolous and foliose lichens D. melanogaster sex comb evolution
Techniques Employed: Antibody Staining, Sectioning for Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Time-Lapse Microscopy, RNA interference(RNAi)
Research Description: 1. Question: How do two or more different genomes collaborate to make repeatable morphologies? Approach:Develop a laboratory model lichen and methodologies for studying early lichen development. 2. Issue: Estimate the minimal amount of genetic change required in a model organism to produce the range of morphologies seen in evolution. Approach: understand the cellular processes underlying sex comb development in D. melanogaster and utilize mutations to produce phenotypes found in other species.
Lab Web Page:
Willing to Host Undergraduates: NO
Actively Seeking Undergraduates: NO
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