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Manuel Aranda

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
4900 KAUST
Thuwal, Makkah 23955
Saudi Arabia


PI: NO, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Taxa Studied: Invertebrate Animals
Techniques Employed: Degenerate PCR, Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Microarrays, Sanger Sequencing, 454 Pyrosequencing, Solexa (Illumina) Sequencing, SOLiD Sequencing, Bioinformatics/Sequence Analysis, In Situ Hybridization, Antibody Staining, RNA interference(RNAi), Sectioning for Histology, Confocal Microscopy, Transgenesis, Morpholinos, Other, Laser Micro Dissection
Research Description: Scleractinian Corals, Symbiodinium, Holobiont, Superorganism, Ecological Genomics, Evolutionary Genomics, Functional Genomics, Symbiosis, Stress Response, Microbial Assemblage,
Lab Web Page:
Willing to Host Undergraduates: NO
Actively Seeking Undergraduates: NO
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