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Krista A. McCoy

East Carolina University
East Carolina University
Dept. of Biology Howell S-112
Greenville, NC 27858


Taxa Studied: Vertebrate Animals
Techniques Employed: Quantitative PCR (qPCR), Microarrays, Antibody Staining, Sectioning for Histology, Epifluoresence Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy
Research Description: My research aims to understand how environmental conditions (e.g. pollution) influence reproductive development, physiology, and behavior, and to devise ways to reduce the incidence of reproductive abnormalities in wildlife and humans. I use an integrative systems approach that combines field and laboratory methods to investigate the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) across multiple levels of biological organization—from molecules to populations. I ask questions that are conceptually motivated so that my work is general and informative to diverse scientific fields including development, physiology, evolution, ecology, and conservation.
Lab Web Page: http://www.ecu.edu/biology/mccoy_krista.cfm
Willing to Host Undergraduates: YES
Actively Seeking Undergraduates: YES
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