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Veronica Akle

Universidad de los Andes
Calle 18 #1-20
Bogota, Cundinamarca 0

57 318 360 9892

Taxa Studied: Vertebrate Animals
Techniques Employed: Quantitative PCR (qPCR), In Situ Hybridization, Antibody Staining, Sectioning for Histology, Epifluoresence Microscopy, Morpholinos, Mutagenesis
Research Description: Our lab is an emerging project to study the effect of the circadian system in the physiology of different organ systems. In particular, we are interested in the regulation of the clock in cell division and differentiation. We also study the role of extracelullar matrix in regeneration and proliferation. We plan to work with zebrafish as a traditional animal model, but also incorporate other native fish species in our investigations. A goal of the lab is to be able to do comparative studies, especially in neuroanatomy, regeneration and stem cell niches, to understand the evolution of such processes.
Lab Web Page:
Willing to Host Undergraduates: YES
Actively Seeking Undergraduates: YES
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