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This tool will allow you to search all EDEN Participating Labs. We intend for this to be a useful resource for people working at the interface of evolution, development and ecology, and particlarly for propective applicants for EDEN funding who are looking for host labs expert in their technique or organism of interest.

It is NOT a requirement that applicants for EDEN funding, or hosts of EDEN-funded researchers, be listed here as EDEN Participating labs. If you are applying for EDEN research exchange funding, you can propose to work with any lab in the US or abroad. If you are applying for an EDEN undergraduate internship, you can propose to work with any lab in the US.

To make sure your lab is included in this database, you can complete our survey.


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Willing to Host Undergraduates:Yes No
Actively Seeking Undergraduates:Yes No

image 1

Learning to dissect cricket embryos in the Extavour lab. Photo courtesy of David Behl.

image 2

Digging for hemichordates in Woods Hole, MA with the Lowe and Kirschner labs.

image 3

Pipetting with high efficiency in the Shapiro lab.

image 4

Collecting cambium and developing poplar samples in the Sierra Nevada mountains with the Groover lab.


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