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This is a listing of all participating EDEN labs. We intend for this list to be a useful resource for people working at the interface of evolution, development and ecology. You can become a participating lab by completing our survey.

It is NOT a requirement that applicants for EDEN funding, or hosts of EDEN-funded researchers, be listed here as EDEN Participating labs. If you are applying for EDEN research exchange funding, you can propose to work with any lab in the US or abroad. If you are applying for an EDEN undergraduate internship, you can propose to work with any lab in the US.

Click on a lab name to see which organisms they work on, which techniques they use and could potentially teach to other scientists, and whether or not they are actively seeking undergraduate students.

You can also use our search tool to locate a lab.

If you wish to make updates to your lab profile, please do not fill out the participating lab survey multiple times. Instead, email your updated information to edenrcn@fas.harvard.edu.


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