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EDEN is no longer offering Symposium Attendance Funds.

Announcement date: 15 December, 2015.


Symposium Attendance Funds

EDEN aims to sponsor an annual symposium or workshop at a selected conference. We envision different types of events in different years, including both mini-symposia and presentation-based workshops.

Symposia will showcase EDEN themes, including syntheses of ecology, evolutionary and developmental biology, transfer of techniques, research facilitated by EDEN-sponsored exchanges, and work on less familiar species that occupy important taxonomic positions or possess unique biological attributes. Click here for details about upcoming EDEN symposia and workshops.

10 to 12 travel grants will be awarded for each symposium to help defray attendance costs for interested scientists. Undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty are welcome to apply for EDEN Symposium and Workshop Travel Grants. Details on how to apply for EDEN Travel funding will be available closer to the symposium date.


Additional opportunities
Click here for additional opportunities for student travel assistance.

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